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Eligible participants will receive job sampling opportunities, daily vocational training, job placement, and internship. Participants work along side of typical coworkers who act as job coaches and accountability partners. Once the internship is complete and specifically chosen job skills are mastered they will transition into a paid position at the New Perry Restaurant and HALO House. The ultimate goal of this vocational training is to prepare individuals to work in the community with a minimum level of support. 

A large variety of vocational options are embedded within the premise of hotel operations. Residents will rotate through job sampling to identify preferred areas of interest in which an educationally based vocational training curriculum, related goals, and timeline would be established for each. The  available positions  include general customer service skills, food service including food preparation, stocking, inventory, hostess and bussing; event planning, decorating, clerical and office skills, landscaping, stocking, assembly line tasks, housekeeping, and cashier. 

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