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The HALO Group of Middle Georgia is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ministry of  enriching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and autism through vocational training.


The beautiful and historic New Perry Hotel is the perfect place to accomplish HALO's mission. Its vacancy has left a longing for what use to be; its restoration and revitalization symbolize the hope of a better future when we follow God's leading.   With the support of its local community The HALO group is reviving the New Perry Hotel to serve as a home base for our vibrant ministry. The New Perry Restaurant will once again be a functioning restaurant where adults with disabilities will work alongside typical peers in many fields of the restaurant/hospitality industry.  Teammates will have this opportunity to strengthen related skills in a welcoming, safe, 'hands on'  learning environment.  HALO also builds relationships and partners with other restaurants and hotels in our local community for job exploration and potential job placement for qualified teammates. 

The New Perry Hotel's gardens will return to their former glory as the teammates learn landscaping and horticulture skills. The motor court behind the hotel will be renovated into apartments open to the community. The first floor of the main building will house the southern style restaurant, events space, and gift shop. In the gift shop teammates will sell their original handmade products designed and made by HALO teammates through the 'entrepreneurial experience' portion of the program.  We will also feature the unique products and goods made by Georgia artisans and merchants. The second floor the will house  HALO's vocational program featuring the simulated work environment (PAES lab Click LEARN MORE) as well as offer leasable office space. The third floor will feature 13 redesigned hotel rooms.

We see a bright future for the New Perry Hotel and the HALO group teammates!

Click below to read about the History of The New Perry Hotel from Prelude of the "Recipes from the New Perry Hotel"  Cookbook

Copyright 1994

Bobbie Nelson

Motorcourt Renovation

Phase 1:

Begins Spring 2021

mortor court side view.jpg

New Perry

Hotel Renovation

nph gardens.jpg


and Gardens

Phase 3:


start Fall of 


Phase 2:


start Summer of 


"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." -Psalm 127:1

How it all started...

HALO was initially founded in Florida in 2008 by Angela Cuti for missions with her family. Ten years later God gave Angela a new vision and led her to speak to Melanie Murphy.  For years, Perry residentsMelanie and her sister April Tew

had envisioned the beautiful historic New Perry Hotel and restaurant as  an opportunity for those with special needs to work. Melanie shared this dream of hers and that the building was recently put on the market for sale. The next day Angela and her mother Debbie Vickers went to look at it.  That week of January 2018 The H.A.L.O Group was officially born. After seven months of negotiations, HALO group bought the hotel in October of 2018. 



HALO seeks a bright future for the Houston County and Perry Community, and New Perry Hotel. Vision and passion currently builds and unfolds into endless opportunities and value for this local community which everyone can be a key contributor in.

Time line

Dec. 2017

Feb. 2018

Vision from God

of HALO Group was given to Angela

  • LLC formed and application for non profit applied for.

  • Planning began to acquire building and negotiations began

Feb. 2019

May 2019

Nov. 2019



  • Launched Genesis campaign to hire BBTB architectural firm and pay historical society application fees.

  • Began Ball Street renovations

 Launched bamboo production of Christmas Ornaments in preparation for Perry Welcome Center's Festival of Tree's. 

  • Official launch of Vocational and Life Skills program at Ball St.

  • Purchased PAES Lab Curriculum

  • Launched Entrepreneurial experience of product development (bamboo processing and prototypes, canvas totes, Tiles, and treasure boxes)

Mar. 2020


  • COVID hits and goes virtual 

  • Teammates learn how to Zoom!

  • Online Store developed for products

Jan. 2018

Oct. 2018

  • God leads Angela to speak with Melanie about vision.

  • Melanie tells Angela about her dream  for the New Perry Hotel

  • The "Core 4" is born officially forming The HALO Group of Middle Ga consisting of Angela Cuti, Melanie Murphy, Debbie Vickers, and April Tew.

  • First tour of NPH with Landmark Realty

  • Beginning March held "Community  Awareness " meetings and through summer held ongoing fundraisers 

  • Purchased New Perry Hotel October 30th!

Apr. 2019

Sept. 2019



Began offering 

social skills class two days a week at First Baptist Church Perry.

Moved into Ball Street Office.

  • Teammates decorated "BAMBeautiful" themed Christmas Tree for Perry Welcome Center Festival of trees event and won People's Choice Award.



  • Farm Social and "Farm Experience" was born.

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