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New Perry Hotel Update

Five years ago The HALO Group answered God’s call to serve young adults with developmental disabilities and autism. We have engaged with many groups, businesses, and individuals to show the abilities and contributions each of our teammates can make in their community. We have grown from 1 participant to 27, 1 full-time paid employee to 3 plus 2 part-timers and many volunteers. One of our first moves was the purchase of the New Perry Hotel with the intent of renovating it to provide jobs, our own office space and a place to train for employment. We trusted God to provide the resources and expertise as we needed them. Time passed, building prices increased and we continued, without despair, to wait on God. Early this year we received a phone call from  local businessmen inquiring if we would consider selling the hotel. We turned to our Board of directors and after praying for wisdom, guidance and peace, we accepted the generous offer we received. We knew God had, once again, and at just the right time, taken care of us. We are overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to us. So, it is with such excitement we look to the future. We have already outgrown our current location so we are looking for additional space to lease for our immediate needs. Simultaneously we will look for property on which to build a new facility.

We appreciate the ways you have encouraged us through your prayers, kind words and

financial support. We humbly ask you to continue as we continue to do the work God created us to do.

“The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.” Psalms 126:3

To God be the Glory!

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