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The Farm 

As a part of the HALO vocational program, teammates will participate in the farm experience which focuses on horticulture and agriculture activities. 


Farm Life!

Through the 'farm experience' HALO teammates have the choice to participate in a variety of horticultural and agricultural activities. Whether growing produce at the Starbuck Learning Garden (located at the Georgia National Fairgrounds) or tending to livestock at our hobby farm, there are a multitude of opportunities to explore. 


Grow herbs/spices and produce; harvest pecans


Raise and

tend to 






such as

barns, pens, vineyards and greenhouses 


Embracing Georgia Grown Initiative

While each day is different, we can never anticipate all the fun adventures and hard work that unfolds through The Farm Experience. On any given day you can find teammates engaging in a variety of 'farming' activities. 


HALO Hobby Farm

On our 6.5 acre 'hobby farm' teammates may be feeding livestock, changing bedding, collecting eggs, or even harvesting pecans.  You can also find them sharing ideas, collaborating, and working together to design barns, pens, coops and a variety of other structures. The hobby farm also provides ample space to process and prepare bamboo for our product line through the entrepreneurial experience.

Georgia National Fairgrounds, Starbuck Learning Garden

Through a partnership with Flint River Fresh  teammates learn how to grow a variety of crops year-round through the guidance and expertise of Farmer Fredo. It's not just limited to growing food, teammates also learn about soil preparation, irrigation, planting, weeding and general garden maintenance as well as harvesting and distribution.





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