Dear Friends:


At a recent HALO event I was reminded of the importance of the work we’re doing. A young client of ours arrived hot and winded from a two-hour walk on a blistering September day. Her ride had fallen through, but there was no way she was going to miss our event at the Hotel.
She proudly donned the t-shirt given to all volunteers and quickly got to work setting out tables and chairs and doing anything else that was needed.  As the day continued, I saw her eating, laughing, and socializing with friends she hadn’t seen since she graduated from high school several years before. Before HALO, she had nothing to do and little hope for her future.   
I heard her tell someone how much she enjoyed getting to spend the money she earned a few weeks prior at Vintage Market Days—on things she wanted. Now that she has learned about the HALO group, she rarely misses an opportunity to participate…even if it means walking on a hot day in long blue jeans.
She still needs additional training and support to find meaningful employment and independent living, but for now she has found a place of belonging where she is needed and has a purpose.  
Remembering the sound of that young woman’s joyous laughter tinkling through the air that day gives us the courage to stay the course and do what is hardest for me: asking for your financial support.
Since the first Genesis Campaign letter the HALO Group of Middle Georgia has been busily working.  So much has happened in the last year thanks to your financial support, your prayer support, your words of encouragement, and your participation in HALO events.
Since you last heard from us, here’s what we have accomplished:

  • Hired the architectural firm of BBTB

  • Hired Maryel Batten – Historic Preservation expert to submit plans at the state and national level for approval

  • Secured the services of SOA to oversee the renovation of the hotel and motor court

  • Participated in nine fundraisers, all but one of which were initiated by other members of our community

  • Worked at Vintage Market Days, which generated income to pay workers with developmental disabilities and autism

  • Established an office for our operations base at 900 Ball Street

  • Held social events each month, including Macon Bacon Game, Ga National Fair, eating out together, and the biggest to date being our Christmas Party at Andrew Methodist Church

  • Began holding classes two days a week

  • Hired Angela Cuti as executive director of The HALO Group of Middle Georgia

  • Launched a successful Fire Truck Pull, which will become an annual event

  • Paid all our monthly bills on time

It has certainly been a year of firsts, many of which we hope will turn into forevers, and others we hope we never have to endure again.  This we know – our call from God to serve those with developmental disabilities and autism hasn’t changed.
Right now we serve by providing job training, supporting on the job, encouraging business owners to hire, finding volunteer opportunities, organizing social activities, and befriending those we serve.  In the near future we will work out of a beautifully renovated historic hotel, with many job and training opportunities. 
We, the highly unlikely have been called to do what we cannot do on our own so that those around will say,” the Lord has done great things for them” (Psalm 126:2). 
Won’t you join us?   With your help we will be able to continue our work and purchase additional curriculum, provide transportation and purchase equipment for microbusinesses. If you can help financially again this year, we surely appreciate it.  Please continue to pray for us as we charge ahead on this great adventure.
Thank you for your consideration of The HALO Group of Middle Georgia.  Always we seek to be good stewards of the gifts we receive.
Your donations can be mailed to
                                    The HALO Group                                    
                                     PO Box 1078                                           
                                     Perry, GA  31069
               The HALO Group is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.
Melanie Murphy
The HALO Group of Middle Georgia

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