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HALO Group will manage two types of residential services for eligible, high functioning individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism:

     1. The New Perry Hotel: Serving as a vocational training center embedded in a residential facility will provide residents with around-the-clock support, and supervision by expert staff in a home-like independent setting at the New Perry Hotel. Direct support professionals, qualified special educators, job coaches and other  members of the team work together to ensure the safety and well-being of each individual as they work towards goals established in Personal Centered Progress plans. These personalized plans provide each resident with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of community integration and recreational activities. 

     2. Residential Group Homes: For residents who will eventually graduate from the direct oversight model and subsequently be placed in a sustainable job in the community. These residential facilities will be certified and have specifically trained employees assigned to them 24 hours a day. Homes will serve 3 to 4 individuals as "roommates" with ongoing wrap around support services. 

HALO Group will ensure these residences are held to the highest standard in order to provide the safest and most comfortable setting for individuals served. Our ultimate goal is to provide our residents' families peace of mind knowing their loved one is in a supportive, caring environment with experienced professionals whose heart and passion is to see each person reach their full potential. Appropriate individual-to-staff ratios will be maintained to provide each individual with the proper attention and support their plan of care dictates. Every individual is given sufficient living space and furnishings, including private bedroom/living quarters with a private bathroom. They will have access to all common living areas including a library, living room and gym. To ensure all nutritional needs are met, a licensed dietician will provide meal plan choices which are prepared by the individuals with the supervision of direct support personnel. 


Each person also receives individualized attention from an interdisciplinary team of professionals who create unique programs for him/her. Onsite monitoring and monthly meetings of the Incident Review and Human Rights Committees ensure that individuals receive quality care. In addition to individual program planning recreational activities are scheduled year-round for residents. They will have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of events such as movies and community theater, art events, festivals, state fairs, fishing and sporting events and shopping. Residents can participate Monday through Friday, in either vocational training or day habilitation programs.  

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