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Our mission is to empower individuals with choices and opportunities to transition into adulthood and to help them become as independent as they can in life. 


The PAES Lab is a research based functional skills program with an embedded formative assessment of Career potential and employability skills. PAES is used to help adults with developmental disabilities and autism develop transition/ career skills to become independent working citizens.

The PAES Lab offers 250 skills in 5 major career development components:

-Consumer/ Service

-Business Marketing

-Processing/ Production

-Construction/ Industrial

-Computer Technology


The HALO Group currently offers classes in job readiness, social skills, and independent living at our Ball St. location. HALO also offers job exploration, job placement and on-the-job support.   At the Ball St. location teammates work through the PAES Lab, a simulated work environment where the teacher becomes the 'supervisor' and the teammate becomes the 'employee' to explore various jobs and strengthen skills needed.  By incorporating the "entrepreneurial experience"  portion of the program, teammates are given opportunity to design and create products they sell in their online store, at Vintage Markets Days (March & September), as well as other local venues.

Classes are offered Monday- Friday 9AM-3PM

Monday-Thursday at Ball Street location

Friday at the Farm Experience

Teammates go out within our community and volunteer in partnerships with several local businesses such as The Perfect Pear, Schultzes, Rigbys, Re-New, Habit ReStore and Between Friends Coffee shop. These partnerships are vital for our teammates to explore job opportunities and gain experience in these fields. By volunteering we are building relationships with our community neighbors.

Community Access

How it Happens

When teammates come to us, we help them determine what their motivations and interests are and assess their skills and abilities. We also give them unique opportunities to explore different life experiences in hopes of helping them enrich their lives by trying new things. This helps them explore different experiences they might not have been previously exposed to.

At our Ball Street location we work through PAES lab and Unique Learning curriculum as well as social skills, employability skills, community engagement, volunteerism, job exploration, cooking/meal planning, and health/wellness.

Our end result is to employ teammates at the New Perry Hotel when it opens, assist teammates in finding equitable and viable employment within the community, while offering continued job coaching in order to sustain employment.